About Us

MrSpeedy is a same day delivery platform, part of Dostavista Group - one of the biggest and most technologically advanced players in the global same-day delivery market. With MrSpeedy you can send your items quickly without complications and at a lower price.

Why Use MrSpeedy?

  • Cheaper
    With MrSpeedy, you can deliver to multiple addresses in one order. With this feature, you will save more.

  • Strict Courier Selection
    We only select the best courier so that you will get a professional and responsible courier.

  • Simple
    You can order via live chat, website or application without having to register.

How Does MrSpeedy Work?

  1. You place an order.
  2. The system will look for the best rated courier closest to the pick-up address.
  3. The courier will contact you for item pick-up and will proceed to deliver to the drop-off address.
  4. The recipient receives the item and signs upon receipt of the item.
  5. You may rate the courier.